Pergola Styles / Options

Vogue Pergolas nationwide teams are specially trained to deliver excellent customer service from start to finish. Design managers are experts in providing the right advice, from styles and colours to space and size solutions. They can provide you with approvals, sun diagrams and a working set of drawings to help you visualise the job.All our design managers love a challenge – “can’t” doesn’t enter into the equation…

Choose your Pergola

Vogue Pergolas’ design managers will help you select the right style for the:

  •     Space available
  •     Pupose – carport, outdoor living area, etc
  •     Sun direction

Choose your Truss Style

The Vogue Pergola truss designs can be altered to suit a customer’s needs, for example using rings, diamonds or squares.Select from a range of designs:

  •     Already created
  •     Custom
  •     Logos

Choose your Framework Colour
The Vogue pergola framework is powder coated with some 100 colours to choose from. It is designed so that all the structure is load bearing.  Each pergola is certified by a structural engineer. Framework is lightweight and unobtrusive. Minimum columns allow you to maximise precious space.Our premium grade steel bars and columns are radiused, welded and cut to suit your job by the best tradesmen and metal workers in the business.Vogue Pergolas use Dulux Powder Coatings, below is a brief explanation of the different products, please read them carefully to help select the correct product for you.

XT & FG High durable polyester, an ideal choice for architectural residential fittings, such as aluminium windows, doors, balustrades and fences. It is equally suited to interior items and other metal substrates. In addition, FG is designed to provide a smooth film over porous substrates.
Pearls For a touch of class, Precious® Pearls are an ideal choice for architectural residential fittings, such as aluminium windows, doors, balustrades and fences. Precious® Pearls provide a classy alternative to anodised finishes.
AG An anti graffiti powder coating that allows the easy removal of permanent markers and spray paint, ideal for items such as street furniture, public transport and playground equipment.
A collection of fun bright colours, ideal for items including playgrounds, electrical cabinets, interior and industrial design and all metal consumer products.
A collection of Mannex® Textures, Scylla® Ripples, Aztec® Hammer and Interior grade Sarouk® Matt Ripple effects, designed to cleverly hide surface defects on fabricated metals, whilst providing interesting tactile surfaces.
Choose your Cover Colour


Our Austrian PVC Supplier ranks among the top European manufacturers of technical textiles and is the world’s leading supplier of sun protection fabrics.The European Supplier has specially supplied high quality material for Vogue Pergolas’ new line Merzedez. This new premium product is available in four colours.Our quality covers are high fire retardant, waterproof, frostproof, durable and very cool underneath. They are also UV resistant to fully protect cars and settings, the covers can also be removed if required during Winter.Covers are tensioned off 10 cm inside steel work every 30cm with a uv treated rope, which spreads load around the structure. 

Clear Panel Option:Another option is a poly carbonated film or clear panel that allows light into living areas. This can be strategically placed to suit Summer and Winter sun. Click here to see an image of a clear panel design.Talk to our Vogue Pergola Design Manager about all your options. 

Choose Extra Options

Please talk to your design manager for more information about the extra options:

  • Guttering
  • Hiraoka covers (larger colour selection)
  • Light Fittings
  • Privacy Screens
  • Drop down blinds
  • Zincing or galvanising to protect against rust
  • Colourbond Roofing

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