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  • "Wow! What a difference. We can now entertain guests in our backyard anytime we want. Rain, hail or shine, we'll be able to have a bbq or just a friendly get together with friends. It looks great and really finishes off our new home. Thanks again Vogue Pergolas."


    The Parkinsons

  • "Vogue Pergolas did an amazing job for us here at Abberfield Primary. This children are now able to play in the shade, and parents have piece of mind knowing that their kids aren't going to come home as red as a tomoato! Thank you very much!"


    Joanne Bishop




Vogue is proud of its name, architectural copyright and designs. We vigorously protect our intellectual property.

patents_imageVogue Pergolas are custom designed and manufactured to meet our clients' needs.

They are designed and engineered to protect and enhance any area, including:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor eating areas
  • Playground equipment
  • Car Parks
  • And many more..

With an eco-friendly perspective in mind, Vogue Pergolas are designed to maintain heating and cooling energy throughout the home.